• Motherhood

    Welcoming Audrey: Packing a hospital bag.

    Starting to pack for the hospital was a pretty exciting time for me in my pregnancy! It meant that the finish line was just that much closer, and I was really proud of myself. With my first pregnancy, it was such a rush to get to the hospital, and frankly I wasn’t sure what would become of my stay so I never was able to pack a bag- I was only 27 weeks. But with Audreys pregnancy I researched so much, that I guess I looked at it as a little getaway. I compiled a bunch of my favorite items and put them on my page for you to be…

  • Life

    Amazon Favorites + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Giveaway

    Can you believe we are already halfway through the summer? This has been the summer of what can I order next off of Amazon, well.. maybe thats just everyday in our house. I wanted to share some of our favorite items that the girls have really been enjoying lately. Its important for the items to be age appropriate too, otherwise I find that they can easily loose interest. Even though we have been home pretty much all summer, we have been able to keep the girls entertained with some of the items below- especially the sprinkler pad.  Stay tuned to the bottom of the post too! I am offering a…

  • Motherhood

    Welcoming Audrey: Choosing Music

    I remember hearing from a friend of mine that she was able to make a playlist to have for her her upcoming c-section. So I thought to myself, I need to figure out what I can have while in the operating room. At my next appointment I inquired with one of the nurses if that was something I could do, and she told me “Absolutely, as long as everything is going well that should not be an issue!”. That made me so happy to know that I could have something else to listen to so that it could calm my nerves. Walking into an operating room and knowing that you…


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