Top Baby Registry Items For the First Time Mom

Below are some of my favorite items that I have used to date with my girls- some of these items have been so helpful to have so I wanted to take some time and share them with you.

1. Inglesina Clip on High Chair
This High Chair has been such a life saver for us, on more than one occasion. Often times restaurants aren’t able to offer a booster/high chair to accommodate your dining needs, but this chair does it all. We have even traveled with this chair too. If you are in a space constraint in your own home, this can double as your goto high chair for feeding needs.

2. Uppa Baby Vista Stroller
While this stroller may be an investment for your registry, I highly recommend this. The bonus to this particular setup, is that it can also convert into a double stroller, clip on the infant carseat, and fold up with ease. I wish I had made the decision with my first child to purchase the Uppa Baby Vista. The bassinet is also such a work of art with regards to the quality of the item.

This carseat has become another favorite in our home with the ease of compatability with our Uppa Baby Vista Stroller. Have I mentioned how incredibly easy it is to install in your car? We used a previous brand with our first daughter and installing the infant seat base was a chore! I recommend also registering for an additional base for your partners car.

4. Fisher Price Sit me Up Floor Seat
This chair is such a great transitional piece for your new baby. You will have a feeling at one point that some items are used for a bit and then never used again. But this item was such a hit with my girls. I would be able to have their necks supported while entertaining them in an upright position.

5. Ergobaby 360 All Positions Baby Carrier
Having your hands free when you are out and about with kids sometimes seems impossible, but this carrier has been a lifesaver! I frequently use this carrier with my youngest daughter to be able to help out with my oldest daughter. Grocery shopping has become a breeze!

While this little addition isn’t necessary, it also helps out when your child starts teething and wanting to have everything in their mouth. This teething accessory is a quick toss in the laundry after a day of wearing it.

6. Emily Ley, The Baby Book
When I was on the search for a baby book for my first child I wanted something that could have pages added to it. I also, was looking for something that was clean and basic. My search led me to Emily LEys website. She also has different page packs that can be added to the binder such as your IVF journey or even NICU.

There is also a style for Big Kids and it encompasses all of their older birthdays as well. Such a great find, I enjoy being able to insert favorite drawings and little accomplishments of theirs into the binder.

7. 4moms mamaRoo Plush Infant Seat in Silver
This swing is everything and then some. With Bluetooth capability and an app you can download to your phone, it is the best addition to your space.

There is also another infant insert that cradles your child more as they enjoy the motion of the mamaRoo.

8. Summer™ Baby Bath Seat Soft Support in Grey

Have you ever experienced a slippery, wiggly baby in the tub- only to realize that you can’t hold on to them and wash them at the same time? This was me!  This Bath Seat is the ultimate way to keep your child safe when they are trying to wiggle away

9. Haakaa® New Mom Starter Pack in Clear

I wish I had known more about this when I breastfeed my oldest. This little nifty manual pump is the best. You can use it on the other breast that you are not nursing from and collect a little extra- comes in handy for date night or to mix in oatmeal for your baby.

10. Kahootie Co® Baby’s Daily Log Notebook in Teal

You may think this is silly- but the first few weeks can be a sleep deprived blur! This book came in handy at the first few pediatrician appointments for our youngest child. We were able to help develop somewhat of a schedule for her too based off of the times that we kept in the log.

11. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag in Ebony

This diaper bag has come in handy so many times. I was such a hand bag lover before I had kids, and this has helped me feel somewhat stylish even while toting around a back pack filled with the girls necessities.

12.  Anywhere Chair, by Pottery Barn Kids

This comfy little chair will be a sweet addition to your living room space. We have always loved these chairs for our kids, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The best part about this chair, the cover is machine washable!

13. Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents

Wondering if & when you will ever sleep again? This book here has guided us through all of the different sleep regressions and gave gentle guidance on how to handle your childs sleep.

14. The Wonder Weeks: A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby’s Behavior

This also has an app for your smartphone with helpful alerts. During the first year your child will experience so many growth spurts, developmental leaps, and achieving milestones. This helpful guide explains more of those moments in greater details.


This coffee cup has helped me not have to reheat my coffee in the mornings. It keeps it warm for hours- when a friend has a new baby this is typically one of my first gifts to give them! Its also dishwasher safe.

16. WubbaNub™ Giraffe Infant Pacifier

My youngest daughter has really takin to her pacifier, and I am so happy that I can just snip the rubber nipple off and let her have the lovey that came with it. This is also machine washable too!

17. Zarbee’s® Naturals 4-Piece Baby Bee Prepared Kit

Another household staple for us is the Zarbees products. I love that they are natural and you are actually able to understand the ingredients on the label. The chest rub is also a goto for us when the girls are sick

Pregnant or know someone who is expecting? Send me an email and I would be happy to guide you through setting up a baby registry to best fit your needs!

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