This is 30

3-0. Two numbers that seemed ancient to my 12-year-old self. I was a big daydreamer as a kid; I thought that I would travel the world. Visit the places that are the foundation for my family- I wanted to see Germany, where my grandma was raised and be able to share pictures with her. I wanted to travel to Italy, and see the history that’s a part of my family; I even thought I would study abroad. But as reality quickly set in to what I was able to do, I think it shaped who I am today. I always envisioned 30 so differently when I was a kid, and now that I am in the “dirty thirty” club, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

My 20s were great to me; I grew so much as a woman. I found my strengths and tried to work on my weaknesses. I learned that even though I wear my heart on my sleeve, that didn’t mean that I would be a target to be walked over. I found my voice, and stuck to my guns on what I was really passionate about. I grew as a person. I ultimately realized that I was the only person who can control my destiny. I became incredibly passionate about what was important, and I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me otherwise. I’m incredibly headstrong, and while that can be a bad quality to have at times, it’s given me the strength to have a spine. I finally stopped caring what other people thought about me. I used to be so worried about what would happen in situations, but now with some experience under my belt my motto is- zero f#$%s. That confidence takes some time to form. To finally be free of the stigma of conforming to what other people think I should be.

I’m thankful for my health, to be able to wake up in the morning and put my two feet on the ground. When you experience a high-risk pregnancy, you become thankful to even be able to take a shower in the morning to make yourself feel better.

I married my soul mate, who has consistently been my partner in crime, the ying to my yang. He has seen me rise above the cards I was dealt, been my mentor, and ultimately he’s loved me unconditionally. Being together for 15 years has certainly let us share so many moments together, sickness, loosing a parent, career moves, family and the list goes on. Marrying him was the best decision I’ve made, hands down.

I became a mom to a miracle, my daughter Julia. After being born 10 weeks early, she continues to amaze me on a daily basis. I left my job and chose to stay at home with her, because there was a moment when it almost didn’t happen. I am so fortunate to be able to witness her achieve milestones and set the bar higher each day. She is a beautiful soul, who inspires me to be the best version of myself.

I’m thankful for my handful of good girlfriends, my soul sisters. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that sometimes only a good friend can shoot it to you straight- to tell you when you’ve really screwed up or to just have a good belly laugh with. I’ve learned that I need to invest time into those relationships, because being empowered by strong women is the best feeling. I know these girls inside out; I know that we are thick as thieves, because we just get each other. I chose my relationships closely, and focused my energy into people that valued my opinion and loved me unconditionally. I crave a two sided friendship, that isn’t just surface because I just don’t have time for that.

I was always so anxious about turning 30, but it’s just a number. If my 20s were as good to me as I think they were- 30 will be just that much better.


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