Welcoming Audrey: Choosing Music

I remember hearing from a friend of mine that she was able to make a playlist to have for her her upcoming c-section. So I thought to myself, I need to figure out what I can have while in the operating room. At my next appointment I inquired with one of the nurses if that was something I could do, and she told me “Absolutely, as long as everything is going well that should not be an issue!”. That made me so happy to know that I could have something else to listen to so that it could calm my nerves.

Walking into an operating room and knowing that you are going to undergo massive abdominal surgery and that you will be completely awake the entire time is wild. I know I was going into have a baby but still, thats a big fear to face! I compiled a list of 25 songs for about a total of 1 hour and 27 minutes.

A lot of the music I chose was something that brought back a happy memory for me, and some that just made me feel good. For instance, we danced to Kelly Clarkson on our wedding night as our first dance as husband and wife. A few nurses were even singing along to a few songs at one point. It made me treasure these songs just a bit more knowing they were playing while our sweet girl made her entrance to the world!


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