A letter to Julia, on your second birthday

Two? Already? The last two years have just flown by! I can’t believe that my sweet little Julia is already two! We have done so much growing together as a family of three this year. This year wasn’t as “monitored” as it was with you the first year of your life. We had less doctor visits and developmental assessments and more time to just be normal parents.

Julia, you amaze me every single day. Your little laugh is infectious, and your smile is 100 watts. I am so proud to watch you meet and exceed each milestone that is thrown your way. You have gone through so much in your two years of life, more than your average two year old. But with each milestone, you come out on top and look for something else to conquer.

This last year has really taught our little family the value of time. Time together, time with you. You have grown so much and really showed me how to live life a little slower, to really appreciate every detail of an activity. You make normal every day activities so much more exciting but just adding your little sense of humor to it.

I wish you another year of exceeding milestones and just keep being yourself,  the little love bug that you are.


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