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    Welcoming Audrey: The Birth Plan

    Writing a birth plan was something that I did not even know I could do. But as I did more research on what I could expect during a scheduled C-Section, I learned that a lot of women had done this exact process. Being as nervous as I was, I wanted to make sure that I took the time ahead of our scheduled section to write out my wishes. I also wanted to make sure that my husband wasn’t being presented with questions that could potentially distract him from the experience as well. So I took my adventure to google, and I did find a lot of useful information. My team…

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    Welcoming Audrey: Choosing Music

    I remember hearing from a friend of mine that she was able to make a playlist to have for her her upcoming c-section. So I thought to myself, I need to figure out what I can have while in the operating room. At my next appointment I inquired with one of the nurses if that was something I could do, and she told me “Absolutely, as long as everything is going well that should not be an issue!”. That made me so happy to know that I could have something else to listen to so that it could calm my nerves. Walking into an operating room and knowing that you…

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    Welcoming Audrey: A High-Risk Pregnancy.

    Getting pregnant with Audrey took some time, but we were so happy to finally be expecting a second little girl to our family. Once we shared the happy news with our families, we began putting in the “hard work” on a high risk pregnancy. After delivering Julia, at 29 weeks 1 day, we knew that our next pregnancy would be filled with more appointments and monitoring. But we were in the perfect place to be cared for. Our healthcare team was phenomenal, and I was so happy to see them for a second time around. Because a lot of the reasons why I delivered Julia were still unknown at the…

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    Welcoming Julia

    The few weeks before Julia was born were the most emotionally challenging weeks of our lives, as we saw how the best laid plans can change in the blink of an eye. I woke up around 5:30am on Tuesday morning, January 26th, to discover my water had broken while I slept. Dave and I quickly went to Waterbury hospital after talking to my doctor, where it was confirmed my water had broken but I was not yet in labor. I was immediately transferred by ambulance to Yale New Haven Hospital, where they could take care of a baby born prior to 28 weeks gestation. At the time I was 27…


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