• Photo Sessions

    Julia Turns 4

    Sharing some photos from our birthday photo session that we had with Julia. It is so great to be able to freeze a moment in time with the kids and look back on these photos. I hope these photos bring a smile to your face, they always bring one to mine! Thanks Carrie from Carrie Werner Photography for another great session!

  • Motherhood

    A letter to Audrey, on your First Birthday

    My sweet, sweet little girl, where did this last year go? It is so hard to believe that you are turning One in a couple weeks. That saying that the years are short but the days are long, could not be more true in this moment. This last year has felt like a blur, if I am being quite honest. I wish I could go back in time and just relive some of those little moments that I felt went by too quickly. I just want more time with you as a little baby. More time to snuggle each other, to stare into your beautiful blue eyes, just plain old…

  • Motherhood

    Julia turns 4

    It feels like a lifetime ago that I sat in a hospital bed wondering if we would ever see a fourth birthday. Looking outside of that snowy hospital room window, I couldn’t even imagine what life could be like without her. Little did I know what would unfold in the early hours of February 6, 2016. After what felt like a lifetime, I was finally able to hold Julia 2 entire days after she was born. Exhausted from the chaotic events leading up to her birth and afterwards, I sat on a hospital recliner propped by pillows, sore from surgery and held my girl for the first time. I sat…

  • Photo Sessions

    Julia turns 3!

    How is this feisty little girl three already? Sometimes it really feels like just yesterday that we brought her home and began our adventure as a family of three. When you become a parent your heart doubles in size, and with Julia it was really love at first sight. We were able to watch Julia grow from a 2.5 lb. little baby into a 33 lb. toddler- she really is our miracle. Julia is such a happy little girl, who keeps us on our toes. She has such a great personality, she is caring and very sensitive. So much will change this year for her, she will start preschool in…


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