Celebrating Bringing Audrey Home.

As a parent of a NNICU baby your child will always have three very special days. The first one is their birthday, the next is the actual due date, and the final one is the day they were cut loose from the NNICU.

Even though I had a scheduled date for Audreys birth, there was still a minor hiccup and she spent a short time in the NNICU. Eight days to be exact. But we were able to finally bring her home after what felt like forever! Sometimes that second time around can bring back some really daunting memories of what the NNICU was like with a very premature baby. I will share another post of what it felt like to experience the NNICU again, but this time with another child at home. Luckily, Audrey was born at 36 weeks 4 days, so she just needed a little extra time. Her own time to shine in the NNICU to meet some of the same girls that took care of our Julia. It really made this go around in the NNICU tolerable knowing that some of the same girls that had taken such great care of Julia were giving us that same level of care for Audrey. We also were able to experience Couplet Care in the new state of the art NNICU at Yale New Haven Hospital.

On March 22, 2019, we were finally able to bring home our sweet little girl. It was the best feeling to walk out of the hospital knowing we were bringing her home to meet her big sister, Julia.

Seeing Julia meet Audrey for the first time melted our hearts. She was instantly smitten, and suddenly everything felt right. We felt complete as a little family of four in that moment. Enduring a high risk pregnancy was emotional and honestly, draining at times- but I kept my eye on the prize. I was so happy to see Julia in her “Big Sister” shirt loving on her little “laundry” as she called her. That nickname still hangs around too.

Happy Homecoming Day Audrey Sophia, we love you so much!


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