A letter to Audrey, on your First Birthday

My sweet, sweet little girl, where did this last year go? It is so hard to believe that you are turning One in a couple weeks.

That saying that the years are short but the days are long, could not be more true in this moment.

This last year has felt like a blur, if I am being quite honest. I wish I could go back in time and just relive some of those little moments that I felt went by too quickly. I just want more time with you as a little baby. More time to snuggle each other, to stare into your beautiful blue eyes, just plain old more time in this season of life.

Leading up to your birth, it felt like time was standing still. We couldn’t believe that I was still pregnant. Carrying you to full term was my ultimate goal- and we made it. I still remember driving to the hospital that morning in total disbelief that in a few short hours you would be in my arms (briefly) because you had other plans for us that morning. But, that my little birdie is a story for another day.

We struggled in the beginning getting into a good groove with each other- thats okay though, it’s normal. A little bit of a NNICU stay- 8 days. We figured out you had reflux, and got it taken care of. From then on it was full speed ahead. Our first year together was a year of substantial change for our little family. We watched your sister grow into a big kid and a loving sister, we purchased and renovated our first home, and then we watched you meet your milestones. We watched with joy as you rolled over for the first time, slept through the night (rare, but great when it happens), developed a loving bond with Julia, and ultimately watched you turn into this precious little girl that you are today.

We also lost two incredibly important women in our life, two of your great grandmothers. What very special Guardian Angels you inherited, because they would have loved every single detail of you. These women influenced our families in more ways than one, and when you are older I can’t wait to reminisce with you about these two special gals.

Watching the bond that you and Julia have at such a young age, makes me so excited for your future together as sisters. It will be this bond that carries you through life, in times when you may not want to share a deep dark secret with mom & dad. Always celebrate each others successes in life- heck celebrate your disappointments together, but know that you will have each others back. I hope that you always place the love that you have for one another on the highest pedestal in your life, because the bond of a sisterhood is like no other.

Audrey, your little personality lights up our life in areas that I never thought were dark.

Your smile and little laugh are infectious and every single day I thank God that you are mine. The love that I have for you as a mother, is something that one single word could not define. My heart tripled in size when we saw you for the very first moment. Even in our middle of the night nursing sessions, I am in awe of the perfect little being you are. You are loved so much and I hope that you always know just how much you mean to our family.

You are going to move mountains one day with that sparkle in your eye and little laugh of yours!

Happy (almost) First Birthday to my sweet baby girl!


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