Toddler Activities

Strawberry Picking

We took advantage of some beautiful weather recently, and visited Jones Family Farms. We picked a great morning to go strawberry picking!

This is was my first time bringing Julia, so I made sure to bring my backpack with supplies just incase she decided to meltdown. Luckily, she had a blast! We got her own little basket to help with picking, and the berries were so ripe! We laughed together while she picked strawberries and they went directly into her mouth, doesn’t get any fresher than that!


A basket full of berries!
Scoping out the perfect spot to continue picking

We picked enough to make fresh strawberry jam as well as some for snacking. It really was the perfect activity for Julia, she loved helping me find the strawberries and put them into our basket.

I will share another post on our strawberry jam, and how it turned out!

if you’re a CT local, check out their website:


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