Toddler Activities

Railroad Museum of New England, Northern Lights Express

This is a great local experience for us! I found this activity while looking for train tickets for the Polar Express in Essex.  Thomaston has a great little hidden gem, that is appropriate for the age that Julia is. We took her on this train when she was about 10 months old and again at almost two. She enjoyed it!

They offer two different ticket classes, First Class & Coach. We sprung for the First Class tickets, because there wasn’t a great price difference in our opinion. We purchased our tickets when they became available over the summer, because we wanted to have preference over our day/time. Even if it snows they still offer the rides, unless its a state of emergency and the roads are closed, they won’t run the train. The First Class car was dreamy, it has red velvet seats and all of the old school charm you can imagine. Not to mention that we had our own Santa for our train car. Which was great because each of the kids got to have a nice one-on-one experience, while we enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. What a treat!



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