Breakfast at Maison Mathis, New Haven CT

One of our favorite things to do on a weekend is take Julia to breakfast, so I am always looking for recommendations on great new places to try. One recommendation that I received was to try Maison Mathis, in New Haven. So we decided to try it out. They are located within walking distance to Yale University and the Shops at Yale. They have metered street parking available, as well as parking lot with an attendant present.

We decided to go and give it a try one weekend. Before we went I reviewed their social media account to see what was really popular. My husband is a coffee lover, so I was excited to see their list of different espresso drink options. When we arrived we chose a spot over in the corner, to get a great window view but not to disturb the many students and professionals there enjoying their breakfast with their laptops open and working. We settled in and decided to order. I indulged in a hot chocolate, (that was to die for I might add) and the avocado toast. It was amazing! The avocado was ripe and delicious and the side salad that accompanied my toast was just the right balance. Dave indulged in a waffle, as did Julia. Julia’s was ordered with fresh strawberries on top, and it was fit for a princess! I think her favorite part was the homemade whipped cream that topped her waffle. The food came out quickly and the presentation was simple, but beautiful on the plate.

If you are ever in the area definitely go visit, you will not be disappointed! I am including a link to their website, if you have a favorite breakfast spot in CT comment below and let us know!


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